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The ROI of a maintenance management system

A functionally rich computerized maintenance management system can provide your organization with not just a smoother operation, but also real return on investment (ROI).    Maintenance management systems have shown ROI including:

  • 20% maintenance budget savings
  • 17% stock and part holding reductions
  • 19% increased equipment life

A system is able to help your organization realize this level of ROI by actively managing and reporting on all associated planned and un-planned maintenance.  Reports allow you to reduce equipment down time and maintenance costs by actively managing maintenance in a timely manner.  Also, information such as standard job time, downtime, defects, contract details and more can be stored against standard jobs, allowing for better planning. 

The powerful reporting features available in computerized maintenance management systems can help your organization realize significant ROI in addition to easing your maintenance management workload.

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