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Are you rolling the dice with GASB compliance?

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) institutes and monitors standards to improve governmental accounting and financial reporting within state and local entities (school districts included), resulting in more useful data to better guide public issuers, auditors and users of financial reports.

GASB 34 requires that fixed asset records be maintained by school districts in a complete, accurate and detailed manner and that districts report on all capital assets and depreciation (including infrastructure assets) and any items categorized as “historical treasures.”

Fixed asset accounting software can assist school districts in complying with all fixed asset-related GASB 34 requirements.  Real Asset Management’s asset accounting software records vital data such as acquisition dates and costs, asset lives and depreciation policies for all capital asset classifications.  It then calculates depreciation and produces detailed fixed asset reports needed to complete Statement of Activities required by GASB.  If your school district doesn’t currently have fixed asset accounting software, you may be rolling the dice with GASB compliance.

9 Responses to Are you rolling the dice with GASB compliance?

  1. Accounting Leads says:

    Seems like so many folks are willing to roll the dice on this. The GASB is having stricter and stricter requirements everyday. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  2. Virtual CPA says:

    I agree…the GASB is getting tough and I wouldn’t take any chances. Better get it taken care of quick before things get worse.

  3. Real Estate Tax Tips says:

    Seems everybody is having problems with this these days. Just hold tight…reform is coming.

  4. Schaumburg IL CPA says:

    I know…most folks just can’t seem to get it right. Good luck!

  5. Chicago IL CPA says:

    Most folks unfortunately are just rolling the dice. Guess that’s how it works.

  6. Dallas TX CPA says:

    No need to roll the dice with this stuff.

  7. FAS 109 says:

    Just get it done.

  8. I Owe the IRS says:

    I agree…rolling the dice won’t get you anywhere

  9. My Homepage says:

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    [...] Informations on that Topic: [...]…

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