Asset Tracking With Barcodes

RFID tag

Barcoding your assets can really help to transform your asset tracking and audit process. It enables you to quickly access information about an asset and can significantly improve the accuracy of your fixed asset register. Real Asset Management sources the best barcodes required for your organization and offers a number of different options depending on the environment in which your assets will be tracked. Barcode asset tracking is very cost effective and a simple way to maximize usage of assets within your business.

Standard Options

barcode viynl

Vinyl Barcode Labels

A simple and economic option for simple asset security.

  • Suitable for chemical and abrasion free environments
  • Choose from four standard colors or select your own pantone shade
  • Supplied as a roll
  • Sizes available: 38 x 19mm or 50 x 25mm


barcode polypropelene

Polypropylene Barcode Labels

These labels adhere to many different surfaces and can be laminated for extra durability.

  • Suitable for use in temperatures between 14°F to +176°F
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Choose from fourteen colors or select your own pantone shade
  • Supplied as a roll
  • Over 30 different sizes available


Personalized Option

barcode custom

Personalized Barcode Labels

This is the label to choose if you need to add personalization. It is only partly laminated, so users can add extra information with a suitable pen.

  • Lamination folds over the personalization
  • Over 1,000 sizes available
  • Choose from 11 standard colors or select your own

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