Asset Tagging/Asset
Auditing/Data Collection Service

Setting up an asset register for the first time, moving to a specialist system or simply carrying out a routine health-check is often very time-consuming and labor intensive. RAM is pleased to offer its customers a first class auditing/tagging/data collection service from a team of experienced professionals.

Features & Benefits

  • Full range of physical auditing services is available, including valuations, condition reports, insurance appraisals, barcoding and asset cataloguing.
  • Supports single or multiple asset registers, complementing existing organizational structures.
  • Asset information includes title, analysis codes, descriptive data, barcode references, PAT requirements, valuations, condition, and location details.
  • Dedicated audit team to verify the asset register.
  • Specialist asset valuation.
  • Asset security assessment, health checks and periodic asset register updates.
  • Asset register design.
  • Barcode design and supply.
  • Asset security assessment, health checks and periodic asset register updates.
  • Data collection can encompass thousands of assets across multiple locations in a single audit.
  • Hand-held scanners range from smart devices to durable PDAs for harsh environments.
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Are you under pressure to undertake a fixed asset physical audit but lack the resource or expertise?

Look no further than Real Asset Management – we have a wealth of experience in completing physical asset audits for Finance, IT and Facilities teams within organizations across all industry sectors.

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Minimize Resources

Outsourcing enables data collection and tagging to be carried out without compromising existing resources.

  • Business disruption is minimized by using the most effective method for gathering and logging asset items.
  • Complete and accurate list is imported directly into an asset register, delivering considerable time savings.
  • Comprehensive range of barcode label options and specialist security tags to suit diverse conditions and requirements.
  • Experienced audit team minimizes costs.

Faster Audit

Swift asset scanning improves accuracy and enables organizations to undertake more frequent audits.

  • Hand-held data capture device scans location and unit barcodes.
  • Hand-held device supports an interactive display containing such information as asset description, make, model and serial number.
  • Scanner can be used as a data capture tool to enter new asset information.

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Asset Insight

Barcoding your assets facilitates more frequent audits to maintain the integrity of data held within the asset register and on the balance sheet.

  • Accurate asset analysis reports.
  • Detailed, up-to-date asset management system.
  • Complete analysis of PAT requirements.
  • Better asset usage reduces unnecessary expenditure.
  • Accurate calculation of capital allowances.

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