IT Asset Management Software
For the tracking and control of IT assets

RAM's IT asset management and data capture software solution provides a central database and simple web browser interface for the recording of detailed information on all IT equipment assets. The system supports the scanning of barcode and RFID tags using Android and iOS devices for quick identification of assets when required.


RAM’S IT Asset Management Software will help you to:

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Track the location and status of your IT equipment

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Manage the assignment of IT assets to employees and other stakeholders

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Improve the security of assets using unique barcodes and/or RFID tags

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Confidently meet fixed asset audit requirements

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Save valuable time and improve department productivity

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Minimize loss, improve internal customer service, and better manage your IT operations

Streamline your IT asset tracking processes with RAM’s easy to use software which provides a flexible solution for the management and tracking of all IT assets across an organization, from asset acquisition through to asset disposal.

This scalable tool will provide IT departments with a structured yet versatile facility to integrate with existing systems, whilst its powerful search engine, advanced reporting capabilities, and user friendly interface will ensure that users are able to view the movements of asset items quickly and easily.


Make spreadsheets a thing of the past and improve transparency and accountability by utilizing a centralized database to create and maintain an unlimited number of IT assets, enabling detail such as device type, sub-type, serial number, owner, license information, install date, location, and other user defined fields to be stored against each item.


Check availability and manage the assignment of IT assets to employees, vendors, or customers to ensure that no assets get misplaced. Ensuring the safe and timely return of an IT item is made easy through barcode scanning functionality. Signature authorization is available for added security.


Reduce operational costs by increasing visibility for IT equipment on the move via use of Google Maps™. Simply record a GPS coordinate against each asset and access a visual update on asset location at the click of a button.


Designed for simplicity and utilizing existing mobile devices within your organization, use RAM’s tracking app to carry out frequent physical audits. Items can be flagged as located, transferred, or missing for event creation whilst key information such as location history, condition, and asset issue/returns can be recorded to improve lifecycle planning.


Customizable access permissions by users and roles within specific groups improve workstation security, whilst Active Directory® compliance simplifies IT system administration by using standardized system sign-in. An email based security process securely validates new accounts.


Exploit the information within the software to drive better decision making. Access a comprehensive suite of reports to drill down on such variables as IT asset details, event information, and asset status.

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The issue, return and reservation functionality is incredibly helpful as it ensures that the ownership status of equipment is always up to date. This will reduce the risk of us losing items as we can log in to the system and see which member of staff, or customer, was using it last.


Software Availability Options

RAM understands the importance of providing deployment options which ensure optimum efficiency based on the individual needs of your business. With this in mind, RAM's IT asset management software can be deployed in one of three ways, providing true flexibility.

On Premise

On Premise

Can be installed on any stand-alone PC or network at your site, providing your organization with full control over the management and operation of the system and associated infrastructure (ie. servers, network, database, etc...).

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Cloud Hosting

Ideal for organizations that have limited in-house IT and database expertize or no IT hardware infrastructure in place. RAM can host your asset management software in its secure data center, providing you with full peace of mind when it comes to security.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

If upfront investment is an issue for your organization, why not acquire your new IT asset management software on a subscription basis? RAM's SaaS option will take care of all the IT, hosting, security, and backups for the system, enabling you to maintain focus on areas that matter.



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