Oil & Natural Gas Sector Service Provider Selects Series4000

aar logo All Around Roustabout, LLC delivers waste, water, and sanitation solutions to the oil and natural gas industry to help businesses effectively comply with health, safety, and environmental guidelines. The company provides oilfield construction and maintenance services, gathering systems, as well as drilling support, trucking, hydrovac, crane, pressure testing, and sanitation services (including water sewer, portable toilets, dumpsters, and trash service).

All Around Roustabout, LLC had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage their fixed assets which consisted of numerous heavy equipment including hydrovacs, lightplants, forklifts, and manlifts, as well as trucks, trailers, and other assets. In order to gain complete control of their fixed assets, the company needed to bring in a specialist fixed asset system that provided a single database for tracking all equipment licensing data and all phases of depreciation. According to their Controller, Kim Shearer, “Previously, this data was stored in two separate databases and we needed to be able to manage book and tax depreciation as well as license, registration, and insurance information within one single database.”

After reviewing the market for fixed asset systems, All Around Roustabout, LLC decided on Real Asset Management as their fixed asset software provider. The company’s accounting and fleet management departments will be using Worklfow4000 and Asset4000 to simplify and improve their fixed asset management process. According to Shearer, “Series4000 was one of the few systems that did everything we were looking for at a reasonable price.”