American Dental Partners Finds a Complete Fixed Asset Solution

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For over twenty years, American Dental Partners (ADPI) has provided business services to dental practices across the United States. Today, the company supports more than 20 affiliated dental groups across the nation and approximately 300 dental practices. 

As part of their business services, American Dental Partners manages fixed assets, which include leasehold improvements, dental equipment,furniture, and computers. Their existing solution was not able to support Capital Project tracking and reporting which meant that the team needed to maintain additional Excel files. According to Tim Caffrey who heads the Fixed Asset Management team at ADPI, “We were using the system for recording and depreciating assets as it is only really a depreciation tool.We needed Capital Project reporting and depreciation capabilities within a comprehensive software package.”

After reviewing their options, Real Asset Management’s Asset4000 and Project4000 modules were selected to manage approximately 50,000 assets.