Global automobile parts maker selects Asset4000 & Track5000s

Global automobile parts maker, Imasen Bucyrus Technology (IB-Tech), has been in business since 1939 producing automobile lamps, relays, window regulators, seat adjusters, and more for the automobile sector. For over seventy years, IB-Tech has consistently met the auto industry’s increasing standards in quality, cost performance, and function.

The Finance division at IB-Tech had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage their growing number of fixed assets at numerous plants across the U.S.; however, this task had become cumbersome and the decision was made to evaluate the leading fixed asset accounting solutions on the market for a better system. According to Nikki Goldbach who spearheaded the software search, “We needed better management of our fixed assets, as well as timely and accurate data monthly.”

After careful consideration of the benefits of implementing specialist fixed asset accounting and asset tracking software in terms of efficiency, reporting, scalability, and compliance, the team at IB-Tech decided to move ahead with Real Asset Management’s fixed asset accounting software (Asset4000) and fixed asset tracking software (Track5000s).