Real Asset Management is the chosen CMMS vendor for the Orleans Levee District

orleans-levee-district In 2005, Hurricane Katrina stormed through Louisiana and dumped tens of billions of gallons of water into the city as a result of numerous levee failures. The scale of this disaster was unparalleled. Officials and citizens from all over worked hard to rebuild a city that stood for nearly three centuries as a proud cornerstone of the South, and the lessons learned through this catastrophic event have resulted in new protocols and systems as officials diligently work on keeping the city safe.

The Orleans Levee District is in charge of constructing, operating, and maintaining the Mississippi River and Hurricane Protection Flood Control System. It is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining 104.8 miles of levees and floodwalls, 200 floodgates, 103 flood valves, and two flood control structures. Their previous maintenance management system could not effectively track the maintenance of equipment and flood control structures, process work orders, or provide reliable and accurate maintenance and financial data, so the decision was made to move ahead with the implementation of a best-of-breed Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

After evaluating the top CMMS vendors, Orleans Levee District decided on Real Asset Management’s maintenance solution, Maintenance5000. The reliability and versatility of the software, as well as the reasonable initial investment and recurring expenses were key deciding factors. Maintenance5000 will be used to manage the maintenance of all the levees and flood control structures for the city, as well as a combination of over 300 vehicles and mobile equipment items used to maintain the levees and flood structures. Real Asset Management could not be more proud to be part of preserving The Big Easy.