Series4000 is the perfect fit for leading chain link fence manufacturer

Security Contractor Services, Inc. eliminates spreadsheets for Real Asset Management's (RAM) suite of fixed asset management solutions.

scs logo Established in 1977, Security Contractor Services, Inc. (SCS) manufactures chain link and ornamental iron fence materials for supply to fencing contractors. The products are installed at school districts, athletic fields, and many commercial and industrial sites. In addition, the company manufactures and rents out chain link fence panels for temporary use on construction sites. Approximately 100 employees work within five office locations in Sacramento, CA (two offices), San Jose, CA, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR.

Prior to implementing Series4000, Joe Huston, SCS accountant, used detailed Excel® spreadsheets to control the company's fixed assets. With more than 1,200 fixed assets (including leases) on the books, Joe eventually found that spreadsheets could not effectively manage the company's depreciation, forecasting and lease requirements. "Our depreciation calculations were close to accurate, but not exact. We knew that in order to keep up with the growth of the company, we would have to implement an alternative solution," Joe explained.

Joe and his team reviewed three systems in addition to RAM's Series4000 suite. "To put it simply, the decision came down to cost, functionality and references. Other companies were offering a lot less for considerably more money and it was worrisome that they were unable to provide quality references," Joe said. "In terms of functionality, the other systems could not track changes by user. For example, if a change was made to a particular asset, I would have no way of telling who made the change or why it was made and that's vital information to have."

SCS purchased the entire Series4000 suite intending to eventually utilize each of the modules. Joe is currently usingAsset4000 to generate depreciation calculations, eliminating the need for manual number crunching. When budgeting time rolls around, he will use Forecast4000 to project depreciation expenses for future periods and future years – something particularly difficult to do in Excel®. Eventually, the Forecast4000module will even be used to project depreciation figures for acquisitions. Later this year, Joe will import a number of operational leases into Lease4000 where he can keep track of lease expiration dates, an option not possible before. This should prove to be a huge benefit to him and the operations department. "Document4000 allows us to attach images to each lease in the system – which is really useful to both myself and the auditors," Joe commented.

Joe will also rely on certain reports within the system. "For our leases, I will be able to track how many units of a certain item we have on hand and how many are actually deployed. We have 80,000 individual panels all grouped into units of 200 or 300 – so it's a lot to keep track of," Joe continued, "These reports will save me a great deal of time and ultimately save the auditors time as well – eliminating a lot of extra work at their end."

The Series4000 implementation took place at SCS' corporate office in late September. "I was extremely impressed with the level of service received and in particular, was very happy with the expertise provided by our consultant, Carrie Arends, who was very calm and efficient and ensured a smooth process throughout," Joe concluded.