Time-Honored, Midwestern Bakery Operation Selects Maintenance5000 CMMS

Busken Bakery, a family-owned business, was founded in 1928 by Joe Busken as a means of providing for his wife and children. The business, which held up through the Great Depression and grew to the enterprise that it is today, providing a living for many generations of the family and employees, is a testament to the American Dream. Today, Busken Bakery operates in over twenty locations across Ohio and Kentucky.


Busken Bakery had been outsourcing its maintenance program with a contractor but the decision was made to bring all maintenance management in-house. As part of that initiative, Busken needed a reliable maintenance management software that could handle asset tracking, PM programs, inventory, and costs. According to Matt Bouman, Director of Facility Operations at Busken Bakery who led the software search, “We are hoping to achieve fewer breakdowns; we are at a reactive state now and would like to get to predictive. We would also like to see the real cost of asset upkeep.”

After reviewing CMMS options, Busken Bakery selected Real Asset Management’s Maintenance5000 CMMS. According to Bouman, “I liked the layout and ease of getting things done in the system.” Maintenance5000 will be used to manage approximately 350 bakery items including mixers, conveyors, walk-ins, and fryers.