Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Real Asset Management’s Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) manages all of the maintenance in an asset's lifecycle. Combining efficient maintenance processes with improved stock management drives down costs and improves both reliability.

RAM’S Maintenance Software will help you to:

Reduce your equipment downtime

Reduce equipment downtime

Excercise better accountability

Exercise better accountability

Extend equipment's operational lifespan

Extend operational life of equipment

Increse maintenance proodcutivity

Increase maintenance productivity

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance costs

Excercise better accountability

Improve health & safety compliance

Features & Benefits

RAM’s CMMS software is underpinned by a powerful asset register.

  • Full asset details can be viewed, maintained, or updated through a single input screen.
  • Single source of work order history.
  • Full audit trail of PM and asset movements.
  • User customizable screens can include additional fields such as serial, make, model, manufacturer, and barcode numbers.

Rapid insight into job status increases efficiency and productivity.

  • Log work orders and requests from any remote location using a web browser.
  • Real-time visibility of job status.
  • Link notes to a job ticket.

This functionality provides a rapid response to problems with assets.

  • Work orders can be directly generated from helpdesk work requests.
  • Use employee proximity to improve response.
  • Color coding enables job prioritization.

Minimize the effort associated with maintenance planning.

  • Schedule automatically generated maintenance tasks and outputs.
  • Color-coded calendar highlights status at each stage of the process.
  • Manage external works with information relating to contractors, start dates, and contracts.

Predefined templates for common maintenance tasks enables the fast creation of breakdown work orders and maintenance plans.

  • Allocation based on job type, priority, and defect, as well as estimated job time.
  • Include health and safety guidelines, parts, tools, and maintenance details.
  • Automated prediction feature highlights resources required.

Improve business response and performance with rapid access to the right skills.

  • 'Availability Calendar' shows availability, proximity to job, and employee charges.
  • Associate employees with skills and trade.

Fast access to all work orders and associated information, including details of labor, tools and parts required, improves efficiency.

  • Color-coded records define current, completed, and overdue jobs.
  • User-definable work analysis fields include job type, priority, and defect codes.
  • Attach documents, pictures, hyperlinks, and AutoCad drawings.
  • Secure audit trail.

Mobile technology improves productivity and resource usage.

  • Mobile maintenance is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Real-time access to work orders and stock information from any location.
  • Work orders listed by location, asset, priority, status or date.
  • Access related documentation, files, images, and instruction/safety manuals.
  • Update information directly into the handheld device.
  • Use barcode scanning to streamline the audit process.
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Comprehensive stores management enables stock optimization.

  • Monitor and manage all stock items.
  • Use 'Stock Browser' to quickly identify items.
  • Access supplier prices and contact details, item location, catalog number, and balance.
  • Integrate with ERP and purchase ordering.

Manage in-house and external contractors effectively.

  • Single repository for all work order information associated with contracts.
  • Record assets covered under the service contract, contract start and end date.
  • Track work types covered by the SLA and all work history.

Exploit the information within the CMMS software to drive better decision making. 

  • More than 100 standard reports including equipment performance, labor usage, maintenance efficiency, and PM schedules.
  • Flexibility to create customized reports.
  • Easy-to-use web application that enables users to record and report details of accidents, incidents, and near misses.
  • User-definable incident detail screens cater to an organization’s particular needs.
  • Multiple injury fields accomodate cases where more than one injury occurs as a result of a single incident.
  • Automated severity ratings to national standards.
  • Graphical and interactive KPI charts for immediate incident and injury analysis.
  • The ability to record the date and time an injury occurred and was reported to safeguard against possible legal challenges.
  • Mobile access to assist recording incidents when they happen.
  • Documents such as photographs can be attached to the incident record to ensure that evidence of injury and equipment condition can be verified.
  • Improved health and safety compliance for OSHA regulations.

CMMS Product Overview

This short video demonstrates how RAM’s CMMS transforms maintenance processes through the delivery of accurate and timely information on assets, work orders, and planned maintenance schedules. 

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Mobile Maintenance Software

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Real Asset Management's paperless mobile maintenance solution allows engineers to view up-to-date work orders and stock information remotely, regardless of location.

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What our clients say



We were able to clearly define maintenance processes within the company and achieve better store room organization and improved efficiency with Maintenance5000.

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We gain real knowledge about the condition of our equipment, as well as better and accurate maintenance management.

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We needed a web-based, national solution that was highly customizable; Maintenance5000 had the flexibility to meet our needs and pricing was attractive as well.

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Software Availability Options

RAM offers several deployment options so that your business requirements are met.

On Premise

On Premise

RAM's CMMS can be installed on any stand-alone PC or network at your site, providing your organization with full control over the management and operation of the system and associated infrastructure (i.e. servers, network, database etc.).

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Ideal for organizations that have limited in-house IT and database expertise or no IT hardware infrastructure in place. RAM can host your maintenance management system in a secure data center, providing you with full peace of mind when it comes to security.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If upfront investment is an issue for your organization, why not acquire maintenance software on a subscription basis? RAM's SaaS option will take care of all the IT, hosting, security and backups for the system.



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