Facilities Management
(FM) Software

Real Asset Management's Facilities Management (FM) software modernizes facility and estate management across a range of sectors. The combination of RAM's bespoke tenant and contractor portals along with work order management, mobile work management apps, and live KPIs, enables organizations to streamline processes, improve productivity, and reduce property management costs.


Integrates with leading Property Management and ERP solutions

RAM’S Facilities Management Software will help you to:

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Reduce operating costs

Extend equipment's operational lifespan

Increase building efficiency

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Select the best contractor quotes for each job

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Deliver business critical KPIs to improve decision making

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Offer self-service options to Tenants

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Record contractor quotes and mobile job completion

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Improve health & safety compliance

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Analyze costly maintenance areas within the property fund

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive property and tenant register.
  • Customer-defined hierarchy of site and property locations.
  • Complete work order management.
  • Comprehensive PM planner & scheduling.
  • Dynamic map and drawing overlay.
  • Work load planning for internal resource management.
  • Effective workflows for speedy assignment of work orders to contractors.
  • Work order approval and sign-off procedures built in.
  • Integration with key ERP solutions.
  • A dedicated self-service portal in a fully web-driven environment.
  • Bespoke branding; Present your corporate image to tenants and contractors.
  • Embed the portal into your company website.
  • Provides tenant self-service access to report property maintenance requests.
  • Document retrieval that enables a quick view of invoices, building documentation, and service reports.
  • Contractor quotes and work order completion statements can be quickly shared through the portal.
  • Apple and Android apps enable work order management on the move.
  • Work orders listed by property, location, status, priority or date.
  • Live synchronization of new and completed work orders to field teams.
  • Record information directly into the app including materials used, travel costs, and work order notes.
  • Retrieve associated documentation, images, files or instruction/safety manuals.
  • KPI Dashboards & drill down.
  • Fast and accurate reporting.
  • Real-time access to information and feedback on facility performance and key statistics.
  • Generation of automated maintenance alerts where required.

Mobile Maintenance Software

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Real Asset Management's paperless mobile maintenance solution allows engineers to view up-to-date work orders and stock information remotely, regardless of location.



We chose RAM as we found it to have the best user interface and all of the features we need. We wanted solutions that were easy to deliver and integrate, and RAM has been able to meet this requirement.

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Software Availability Options


RAM offers several deployment options so that your business requirements are met.

On Premise

On Premise

RAM's CMMS can be installed on any stand-alone PC or network at your site, providing your organization with full control over the management and operation of the system and associated infrastructure (i.e. servers, network, database etc.).

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Ideal for organizations that have limited in-house IT and database expertise or no IT hardware infrastructure in place. RAM can host your maintenance management system in a secure data center, providing you with full peace of mind when it comes to security.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If upfront investment is an issue for your organization, why not acquire maintenance software on a subscription basis? RAM's SaaS option will take care of all the IT, hosting, security and backups for the system.