What is Facilities
Management (FM) software?


What is Facilities Management software?

Facilities Management Software is also known as FM Software, Facility Management Software, Property Maintenance Software, Facilities Maintenance Software or Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Software. It incorporates all elements of preventative and reactive maintenance associated with properties and manages work orders, maintenance scheduling, approval and sign off, vendor management, self-service requests, reporting, invoice documentation and KPI dashboards.

Which organizations use Facilities Management Software?

FM Software can be used by any organization which is required to carry out maintenance on properties or the assets within those buildings.

Organizations of all sizes from the smallest maintenance companies requiring a more basic system to the large global real estate companies requiring a feature rich solution, will have use for a Facilities Management Solution.

Examples of Facilities Management Software in use include:

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Maintenance or Facilities Management Companies

Used by organizations which manage the outsourced maintenance of buildings such as office blocks, apartments, hotels, government buildings, sporting complexes and shopping centers.

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Serviced Offices

Used by maintenance engineers or companies that are employed by Serviced Office Owners, carrying out works requested by those renting out office space.

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Used by Property Landlords or their associated maintenance companies to manage the maintenance of commercial and private property portfolios.