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Real Asset Management's specialist fixed asset software helps to ensure compliance with corporate governance requirements including US GAAP, SOX and GASB 34/35, and can control, track and record every change that occurs during an asset's lifetime. It encompasses depreciation processing and forecasting, lease accounting, capital expenditure control and asset tracking/physical auditing.

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RAM'S Fixed Asset Management Software will help you to:

fixed asset software

Accurately Report Asset Depreciation

fixed asset software

Simplify Year-End Procedure

fixed asset software

Reduce insurance premiums

fixed asset software

Comply with US Tax regulations

fixed asset software

Efficiently audit assets by location

fixed asset software

Satisfy all audit requirements


Features & Benefits

  • Multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-lingual if required.
  • Provides complete information on asset status, history, and location for audit trail purposes.
  • A single input screen is provided for the fast addition and update of assets.
  • Assets can be arranged in hierarchies, identifying parent/child relations and dependencies.
  • Transaction types include full and partial disposals, transfers, enhancements, cost adjustments, relifes, revaluations and splits.
  • Standard and user-definable depreciation methods can be applied by asset, asset group, and accounting period. Costs are retained for historical periods and automatically calculated for current and future periods as required.
  • The audit file holds a history of all user actions, identifying which records were affected and the before/after detail.
  • Electronic document management for the fast retrieval of associated files.

A single fixed asset register enables effective management of complex depreciation:

  • Depreciation is automatically calculated for any period or range of periods across multiple books.
  • User-definable analysis criteria by asset, asset group, cost center, or accounting period.
  • Costs are retained for past period reporting and automatically generated for current and future periods as required.
  • Unlimited number of standard and user-defined depreciation methods for full statutory compliance.
  • Standard interfaces are provided to spreadsheet packages, property management systems such as MRI, and many of the leading Finance/ERP systems.
  • On-premise and cloud-based (SaaS) subscription options ensure that the system fits your existing IT strategy.

When it comes to fixed asset management, RAM can help you to confidently meet the latest corporate governance regulations with accurate depreciation, component accounting, and excellent reporting.

  • Assists in compliance with ever-changing requirements of IFRS, GAAP, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other SOX-type regulations.
  • Comprehensive audit trail.
  • Strong security.
  • Helps organizations to meet and surpass audit regulations.
  • Accurate data provides peace of mind.

Improve cost control by reducing insurance premiums, extending asset lives, and comparing supplier performance:

  • Improve asset acquisition, usage, and disposal processes with one version of the truth.
  • Avoid oversights by creating automated alerts for key events such as insurance renewal, warranty expiry, or replacement date.
  • Minimize delay in the event of an insurance claim.

Exploit RAM's powerful fixed asset management software to improve statutory compliance and accelerate year-end reporting:

  • Suite of standard reports including obligations analysis, commitments analysis, and finance lease schedules.
  • Create user-definable reports for any range of past, current, and future accounting periods, and include locations, type, supplier, and department.
  • Restrict reports to display only those records with accrual dates within specified time periods.
  • Ability to sort, sequence, and filter reports by any user-defined fields.
  • Reports are viewable on screen, in PDF, printed or can be exported to MS Excel™ or other standard flat file formats.
  • Consolidated reporting across multiple entities.
  • Create statutory year-end return as standard with year-end reports, breaking down the outstanding obligation by payments due next year, years 2–5, and years 5+.

Fixed Asset Management Product Overview

RAM’s fixed asset accounting system helps organizations maintain compliance with accounting guidelines and tax rules by enabling them to effectively control, track, and record each change that occurs during an asset's lifetime. The software encompasses depreciation processing and forecasting, lease accounting, capital expenditure control, and asset tracking/physical auditing.

fixed assets management software

US Tax Compliance

Complete tax documents more quickly, easily, and accurately than ever before, while managing all tax and financial requirements in one database.

RAM continuously monitors and reviews US tax rules and regularly updates the software to accommodate changes.

  • Calculates depreciation for federal and multi-state tax books and incorporates individual regulations for each of the 50 states.
  • Calculates Section 179 charges and Bonus Depreciation for each applicable asset.
  • Adheres to Publication 946 (MACRS Tax Depreciation tables).
  • Incorporates a built in 40% mid-quarter utility.
  • Provides out of the box tax reports including the F4562 and F4797/F4626 worksheets.
  • Allows for the close of periods for internal books, separate from federal and state tax books, enabling organizations to maintain the integrity of asset data for internal auditing purposes and still perform corporate tax calculations at the end of each tax year.

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RAM Customer Reviews

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July 03, 2019

Great Product Excellent Service.
We needed a product to cover 200 assets over 50 sites for a customer that is part of our emrgency service here in Melbourne, Real Asset Management from the start were transparent in what they could deliver. At a reasonable cost the foundation was designed and delivered, on time with all the milestones. Webinars were clear and informative. with any questions and alterations answered generally the same day. I would highly recommend this product, the service is second to none. Thank you, Regards Dion.
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product rating
product rating
product rating
Woodridge, IL
March 09, 2018

Highly Recommended
I would highly recommend Asset 4000. The software is intuitive, functional, and they provide top notch customer support.
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product rating
product rating
product rating
February 14, 2018

Great reporting flexibility
Real Asset Management's software is easy to use and has great reporting flexibility. The Document 4000 module is nice to use for saving and attaching backup documents to asset records.
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
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Asset tracking and physical auditing

 fixed asset management - asset tracking

Comprehensive data-capture and asset tracking systems transform the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the asset audit. By combining handheld devices with a central asset register, organizations can track asset location and status with minimal cost and resources, streamlining the asset tracking process and imposing control over the asset base.

Capital Construction-in-Progress Assets

fixed assets management software - Capital Construction-in-Progress Assets

Effective expenditure management demands complete control of cash flow, budgets, and projects from start to finish. Specialist capital project software ensures that both commitment and actual spend are recorded against budgets for both capital and expense projects. The solution also enables the building of Construction-in-Progress (CIP) assets.

Lease Asset Accounting

fixed assets management software - lease accounting

RAM’s lease accounting software improves lease management while assisting in compliance with the FASB regulations which took effect in 2019. The software enables the reporting of finance and operating leases on the balance sheet—a key requirement of ASC 842.


Depreciation Forecasting and Modelling

fixed asset software - Depreciation Forecasting and Modelling

Accurate forecasting models underpin cost-effective and tax-efficient capital budgets. Real Asset Management's state of the art forecasting solution creates 'what if' scenarios for future capital expenditure, relifes, revaluations and asset disposals to create depreciation projections. RAM's depreciation modelling solution exploits the fixed asset data to accurately predict the effect of different capital expenditure and disposal programs, optimizing investment returns (ROIs).



  • Forecasting directly mirrors the asset register to remove the need for complex spreadsheets.
  • Use date range and future predictions to create a robust forecast and avoid risky guesswork.
  • Planning can be for any range of accounting periods to reflect evolving business needs.
  • Acquisitions, relifes, revaluations and disposals can be stated against groups of assets – no need to specify assets affected.
  • Complete management reports and analyses for budget models.
  • Rolling forecast options.
  • Comprehensive export options.

Improved Asset Insight

Effective forecasting delivers immediate visibility of the impact of depreciation charges or events.

  • Real-time analysis of forecasted and live budget variance.
  • Supports both historical and indexed cost forecasting as well as forecasting by cost center.
  • Provides complete, use-definable management reports and analyses for budget models.
  • Built-in detailed scenario comparison reports.

Depreciation Modelling

Modelling provides insight into the effect on depreciation charges for events entered against both individual asset and categories of asset in the register.

  • Budgeted depreciation forecast is automatically associated with the appropriate asset type.
  • Reporting includes Budget/Live variance reporting and comparison reports.


Software Availability Options

RAM offers several deployment options so that your business requirements are met.

fixed asset management - On Premise

On Premise

RAM's fixed asset software can be installed on any stand-alone PC or network at your site, providing your organization with full control over the management and operation of the system and associated infrastructure (i.e. servers, network, database etc.).

fixed asset management - cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting

Ideal for organizations that have limited in-house IT and database expertise or no IT hardware infrastructure in place. RAM can host your maintenance management system in a secure data center, providing you with full peace of mind when it comes to security.

fixed asset management - SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If upfront investment is an issue for your organization, why not acquire maintenance software on a subscription basis? RAM's SaaS option will take care of all the IT, hosting, security and backups for the system.



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