Depreciation Forecasting & Modeling

Accurate forecasting models underpin cost-effective and tax-efficient capital budgets. Real Asset Management's state of the art forecasting solution creates 'what if' scenarios for future capital expenditure, relifes, revaluations, and asset disposals to create depreciation projections. RAM's depreciation modeling solution exploits the fixed asset data to accurately predict the effect of different capital expenditure and disposal programs, optimizing investment returns (ROIs).


  • Forecasting directly mirrors the asset register to remove the need for complex spreadsheets.
  • Use date range and future predictions to create a robust forecasts and avoid risky guesswork.
  • Planning can be for any range of accounting periods to reflect evolving business needs.
  • Acquisitions, relifes, revaluations, and disposals can be stated against groups of assetsno need to specify assets affected.
  • Complete management reports and analysis for budget models.
  • Rolling forecast options.
  • Comprehensive export options.

Improved Asset Insight

Effective forecasting delivers immediate visibility of the impact of depreciation charges or events.

  • Real-time analysis of forecasted and live budget variance.
  • Supports both historical and indexed cost forecasting as well as forecasting by cost center.
  • Provides complete, user-definable management reports and analyses for budget models.
  • Built-in detailed scenario comparison reports.

Depreciation Modeling

Modeling provides insight into the effect of depreciation charges for events entered against both individual assets and categories of assets in the register.

  • Budgeted depreciation forecast is automatically associated with the appropriate asset type.
  • Reporting includes budget/live variance reporting and comparison reports.