Fixed Asset Software in the Cloud versus On-Premise

An ever increasing number of organizations are moving to Cloud hosted software solutions and are looking to move away from managing IT servers on premise. If you have not yet moved your fixed asset software to the Cloud, you could be missing out on substantial cost savings. However, it may not be possible to follow this policy if your organization has certain rules in place.


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So what is so good about moving your fixed asset software to the Cloud?

  • Most importantly, it provides web based access to your system for remote working away from the office.
  • Software in the cloud runs on optimized hardware so can potentially result in improved speed and performance (most noticeable when running calculations and reports, for example).
  • Software maintenance and upgrades are performed automatically.
  • No client IT team intervention is necessary for system maintenance.
  • Database backups are automatically taken on a daily basis.

This all results in far less work for your in-house IT team. System optimization, data backups, and products upgrades are all taken care of, freeing them up to spend more time on other tasks.

Migration is easy! A point in time when a backup of your database can be taken is agreed and then the software provider can upgrade the database to the latest version and load it onto the Cloud server. Login credentials are then provided ready for you to access via your web browser.

Why though do some organizations prefer On-Premise?

  • The hosted data center may be out of the country.
  • You have to follow an internal policy of using on-premise solutions (often applicable to government organizations).
  • Your company has invested heavily in its internal IT infrastructure.
  • You as the customer can maintain control over your database and application.
  • You have immediate access to backup files.

In conclusion, the benefits of moving your software to the cloud usually outweigh the benefits of on-premise. All of the maintenance and management of your systems is taken care of, allowing your IT department to concentrate on other tasks. Users do not need to bother the IT staff every time an upgrade is needed or there is a system issue. Unless your organization has a specific reason to keep the data on-site, a hosted solution will make your life a whole lot easier whilst saving costs at the same time.

As a leading supplier of fixed asset software, Real Asset Management can offer both hosted and on-premise solutions, unlike many competitors that only offer one option.

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