Fixed Asset Software For Not For Profit Organizations

Fully compliant with the latest regulations, RAM’s range of fixed asset solutions is now used by many non-profit organizations.

RAM’S Fixed Asset Software will help you to:

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Meet compliance requirements

Extend equipment's operational lifespan

Effectively manage component accounting

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Increase asset visibility and accountability

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Apply flexible depreciation methods

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Improve financial reporting

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Provide a complete audit trail


Features & Benefits

  • Ability to calculate depreciation across multiple asset categories.
  • User-definable fields for comprehensive searching and analysis.
  • Ability to produce instant analysis reports for past, present, and future periods.
  • Comprehensive user audit trail.
  • Ability to export data to PDF files, spreadsheets, and general ledgers.
  • Full implementation service provided by RAM, including data conversion and training.
  • Hold details of multiple funding sources and grants.
  • Hosted fixed asset register option available to suit all budget plans.