Solve your fixed asset accounting problems

Nov 25 2015

Oftentimes an organization will outgrow their fixed asset accounting system, whether it is a homegrown system, a spreadsheet system, or the fixed asset module of a leading ERP package. Eventually, the inadequacies of the existing system pile up and properly maintaining the assets becomes a monumental task. Dealing with complicated spreadsheet formulas and battling against errors and anomalies while trying to produce correct depreciation calculations is a frustrating, time-consuming process that also results in aggravating month-end delays. Not to mention, the gaping holes and room for error with these systems means that the fixed asset team cannot generate 100% accurate reports for management, nor can they be confident in the journals they are posting, or produce an accurate audit trail. Now let’s add keeping on top of ever-changing accounting regulations and tax legislation to the mix. This is a recipe for failure!

Real Asset Management’s Series4000 product suite is the solution to this problem. At the heart of Series4000 is the Asset4000 module; a powerful fixed asset accounting solution that can manage and track every aspect of the asset lifecycle. A single input screen enables fast additions and updates of assets into the centralized fixed asset register, providing a full audit trail with information on asset status, history, and location. The software is user friendly and can interface with leading ERP and financial systems, business intelligence solutions, reporting tools, and can push and pull data from spreadsheets as well.

Asset4000 uses a modern database, Microsoft SQL Server® and the system can be installed on-premise or Real Asset Management can host the system via SaaS.

With Asset4000, users benefit from an unlimited number of customizable depreciation methods, an unlimited number of books, multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-language capabilities, and an integrated document management facility. The software supports multiple accounting events, including Disposals, Transfers, Relifes, Revaluations, Cost Adjustments, Asset Splits.

With Asset4000, our clients can face audits confidently knowing that their asset registers are accurate and that their assets are properly insured and in compliance with accounting and tax legislation.

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