Benefits of 24-7 Business Monitoring

Aug 03 2015


Think of Workflow4000 as your invisible assistant, constantly watching over your business to find any issues that may need to be addressed before they escalate into potential problems. When Workflow4000 identifies a situation that needs to be addressed, this triggers the system to create an alert that is then delivered to the relevant parties. For example, when an asset’s insurance renewal date is approaching, the system will alert the person in charge of renewals so that this critical date is not overlooked.

The software provides an extra layer of insulation against human error and peace of mind knowing that business-critical information need not be missed... ever! RAM’s Business Activity Monitoring solution can be configured to fit your particular organization’s needs and also includes fifty common preconfigured scenarios so you can be up and running with ease.

Why not get more out of your software investment and your team by delegating some of your workload to an automated assistant? This is the 21st Century after all!