The City of Florence, Kentucky Selects Asset4000 and RFID4000

Dec 17 2014

The city had been unhappy with the support provided by their existing fixed asset software provider and decided that it was time to explore other options. According to Jason Cobb, the accountant responsible for managing the city’s fixed assets, “We needed a new system that could calculate depreciation and track everything via RFID. We wanted something that offered the flexibility to create our own lists and programmable templates while also being user friendly with a familiar layout.”

After reviewing other fixed asset software systems, the City of Florence, Kentucky opted for Real Asset Management’s fixed asset accounting and RFID fixed asset tracking modules. According to Cobb, “We want to start using one of the leading asset management programs on the market to our benefit. The thing that stood out for us was the fact that Real Asset Management provided a complete asset management software with both the financial and the tracking components. Most products focused on one or the other.”

The City of Florence, Kentucky currently uses Asset4000 and RFID4000 to track machinery, equipment, buildings, land, improvements, infrastructure, vehicles, furniture, and computer hardware and software. According to Cobb, “We couldn't be happier with our choice to go with Real Asset Management. Everyone has been very responsive, helpful and very pleasant to work with. I would most definitely recommend RAM to other government entities.”