Maintenance5000 CMMS Features

Mar 27 2015

Real Asset Management’s Maintenance5000 is a complete CMMS that manages all preventive and reactive maintenance. The system holds all maintenance-related information such as history, costs, bill of materials, current work orders, meter readings, and preventive maintenance schedules. Maintenance5000 Integrates seamlessly with all leading ERP systems and with RAM’s Series5000 suite and showcases the following features:

  • The maintenance plan is also a visual calendar, showing maintenance history and scheduled works, overdue work orders, parts used/required, quantities, dates, meter readings, and labor costs.
  • Color-coded charts highlighting employee availability, proximity, and associated charges enable better utilization of labor resources.
  • Standard jobs are set up to provide a library of regular maintenance tasks which can be quickly and easily assigned to items.
  • Information such as standard job time, standard downtime, defects, contract details, maintenance types, trades and stock required can be stored against standard jobs to aid in resource planning. 
  • Breakdown analysis using standard reports enables users to identify maintenance strategies for individual items of plant and equipment, providing the support information according to international standards.
  • Work orders are generated from both the maintenance plan and from user requests (for reactive maintenance), encouraging organizations to become more proactive than reactive.
  • Standard and user-defined reports enable flexible and powerful information management.
  • A comprehensive stock management system records all stock movements and re-ordering criteria and generates purchase instructions. Automated stock-level alerts assist in optimizing stock management policies.