Enterprise Bank benefits from replacing ERP system’s

Dec 16 2016

Over the past twentyseven years, Enterprise Bank expanded from its original location in Lowell to include branches across the eastern and central parts of the state; with this expansion also came a...

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Fort Hays State University gains better asset visibility with Asset4000

Dec 12 2016

Fort Hays State University Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 1945 to support and advance Fort Hays State University (FHSU). While the foundation works closely with FHS...

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Leading sugar refinery achieves better accountability

Dec 09 2016

For over 15 years, CSC Sugar has been a market leader in sugar trading, distribution, and refining. Since its inception, CSC Sugar has been a significant supplier to U.S. raw sugar refineries and o...

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Pace Analytical Services achieve accurate tax reporting for audits

Dec 07 2016

Pace Analytical Services is a privately held, industry-leading sampling and analytical testing firm that provides lab solutions for testing, staffing, and equipment, as well as a wide scope of serv...

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Maintenance5000 checks all the boxes for Vantage Foods

Oct 06 2016

The maintenance team at Vantage Foods had been using an off-the-shelf system that they had finally outgrown. Due to the fact that the system could no longer meet their needs and it was time to revi...

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How Mobile Tech Is Transforming the Maintenance Profession

Jan 15 2016

For decades, not much changed within the maintenance world. The solutions have been reliable, and the workforce generally stagnant. Industry experts have calm doubts about a radically different fut...

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Solve your fixed asset accounting problems

Nov 25 2015

Oftentimes an organization will outgrow their fixed asset accounting system, whether it is a homegrown system, a spreadsheet system, or the fixed asset module of a leading ERP package. Eventually, ...

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Methods of Treating Fixed Asset Depreciation

Sep 04 2015

Since fixed assets are used in the general operation of the business to produce revenue, they are not charged to the P&L but are recorded on the balance sheet; however, fixed asset depreciation...

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Control Capital Projects with Sophisticated Software

Aug 06 2015

Many companies struggle to keep track of capital projects when using spreadsheets or other homegrown systems. At any given point, such systems fail to provide management with a clear picture of the...

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Benefits of 24-7 Business Monitoring

Aug 03 2015

Many of our customers get more from their investment into our fixed asset software through RAM’s Business Activity Monitoring solution, Workflow4000. This software works with all of RAM’s modul...

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Global automobile parts maker selects Asset4000 & Track5000s

Jun 22 2015

After careful consideration of the benefits of implementing specialist fixed asset accounting and asset tracking software in terms of efficiency, reporting, scalability, and compliance, the team at...

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