Control Capital Projects with Sophisticated Software

Aug 06 2015

Many companies struggle to keep track of capital projects when using spreadsheets or other homegrown systems. At any given point, such systems fail to provide management with a clear picture of the...

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Benefits of 24-7 Business Monitoring

Aug 03 2015

Many of our customers get more from their investment into our fixed asset software through RAM’s Business Activity Monitoring solution, Workflow4000. This software works with all of RAM’s modul...

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Complying with Mandatory Periodic Review of Fixed Assets

Jun 03 2015

Foreign Corrupt Practices act and Sarbanes-Oxley rules both require periodic review of an entity’s fixed assets to determine that the assets are in fact in existence. Therefore, proper Internal C...

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How to Avoid Under Insuring Your Fixed Assets

May 13 2015

Fixed asset tracking software enables an organization to maintain a healthy fixed asset register and adequately insure their assets. An inaccurate asset register could lead to a company being under...

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Track5000s: How to track assets with a smartphone or tablet

Apr 28 2015

Tracking fixed assets manually with a paper-based system is an arduous and time-consuming task fraught with errors and revisions. The cost to efficiency and the bottom line justifies an investment ...

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Maintenance5000 CMMS Features

Mar 27 2015

Real Asset Management’s Maintenance5000 is a complete CMMS that manages all preventive and reactive maintenance. The system holds all maintenance-related information

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Maintenance5000 CMMS Benefits

Mar 03 2015

Real Asset Management's CMMS, Maintenance5000, helps companies benefit from the following: 

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Capitalize on the Future with Technology

Feb 04 2015

One of the themes covered during the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos last month was how rapid advances in technology from software to artificial intelligence and robotics will tran...

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Fixed Asset Accounting Records from Acquisition or Disposal

Dec 23 2014

Between the acquisition and disposal of an asset, fixed asset accounting takes certain key points of an asset’s life into consideration. Firstly, the initial recordation occurs when an asset is a...

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Fixed Asset Software for Capital and Operating Leases

Dec 17 2014

Across the board, both large and small entities have found leasing fixed assets to be a viable alternative to purchasing them. Leasing an asset is much easier than purchasing outright, and leasing ...

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The City of Florence, Kentucky Selects Asset4000 and RFID4000

Dec 17 2014

The City of Florence, Kentucky is home to almost 30,000 residents and more than 2,500 businesses, large and small, within the healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors. The city is bordered by ...

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