Lease4000 has been selected by a Florida electric cooperative

Jan 31 2014

Talquin Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, non-profit electric distribution cooperative that provides about 52,500 accounts with electricity as well as water and wastewater services in the sta...

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Coming to an office near you

Jan 28 2014

Economist: Innovation, the elixir of progress, has always cost people their jobs. In the Industrial Revolution artisan weavers were swept aside by the mechanical loom. Over the past 30 years the di...

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The benefits of a hosted solution

Jan 17 2014

Hosted fixed asset management solutions provide a cost effective option for companies seeking to implement a reliable and highly-secure system within a relatively short turnaround time. Hosted solu...

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A good maintenance program addresses safety

Dec 13 2013

Extending the lifecycle of fixed assets is in the best interest of a business; however, when not done correctly, the results can be costly and hazardous. In order for an asset to run optimally, a c...

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How to present your case for a CMMS to the C-Suite

Dec 05 2013

We often come across maintenance and facilities managers who are frustrated by their existing systems but are having a hard time presenting their case to the C-Sui...

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Common Failures with Fixed Asset Management

Nov 27 2013

For many organizations, fixed asset management can be a cumbersome process, laden with inefficiencies stemming from poor systems and ineffectual policies. Numerous organizations experience a few co...

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The Must-Read Book on Fixed Asset Management

Nov 26 2013

Alfred King’s book, The Internal Control of Fixed Assets, is a must-read for anyone in the position of managing a company’s fixed assets. When reviewing the balance sheets of most companies, it...

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How a CMMS Helps Hospitals with Sustainability Initiatives

Nov 22 2013

A recent Trustee magazine featured a piece on how numerous hospitals across North Ame...

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MRI Software will integrate RAM’s fixed asset solutions

Nov 20 2013

MRI Software is proud to announce a partnership with Real Asset Management, one of the global leaders in fixed asset management. MRI, a Cleveland-based property management software provider, was se...

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Meeting the Fixed Asset Accounting Needs of a Global Organization

Nov 08 2013

Organizations that operate in more than one country need fixed asset systems that support multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-book capabilities. Asset4000’s...

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