The Pros of Professionally-Printed Barcodes

Oct 21 2014

Tracking a large number of fixed assets across multiple locations is a significant challenge for companies and barcode-tracking technology can help to transform this process. With barcode-tracking technology, fixed asset audits can be managed with speed and accuracy but the quality of the barcode labels is imperative to the success of this process. Organizations have the option to print barcodes in-house or to opt for those from a supplier; however, the quality of professionally printed barcodes surpasses in-house barcodes.

Organizations using specialist fixed asset software have one central fixed asset register to which all assets are linked (likely set up by the software provider) instead of multiple in-house barcode systems across departments. Not only is this more efficient and cost effective but also a better option for accommodating growth as the software provider can store the number sequence details in order to automatically send the next number on the sequence list; this removes the risk of duplicate barcode numbers. Additionally, professionally-printed barcodes ensure that assets are being tracked electronically and not manually through spreadsheets as the barcode system syncs with the asset register. This removes another layer of potential error from the process.

Another point to consider is that the quality of the ink used on barcodes is vital to their success, and barcodes printed in-house do not measure up to professionally-printed barcodes. Lower quality ink starts to fade, rendering the barcodes ineffective and hard to scan while professionally-printed barcode labels will stand the test of time. Not only is the quality of the ink used of absolute importance but the quality of the adhesive. When assets are being moved around or even if they stay in place, lower quality adhesives tend to give and barcode labels fall out of place over time.

If you are going to go through the effort of barcode labeling and tracking your fixed assets then the success of your efforts depends on the quality of the barcode labels themselves. This is not an area in which to skimp as it will cost much more in time lost to rebuild, redo, and audit in the future if the process is compromised in any way.