Track5000s enables fixed asset tracking from a mobile device.

Aug 15 2014

Our new fixed asset tracking app allows organizations to update asset registers from a mobile device. The Track5000s smartphone app—available on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile 8— enables users to carry out physical audits conveniently from their smartphones or mobile devices.

Track5000s works with Series4000 to improve fixed asset register accuracy by providing users with an easy way to update and maintain assets securely and in real time. Barcode-scanning capability through the smartphone camera allows users to quickly and accurately capture and log changes to fixed assets. This time-saving technology maximizes efficiency as employees are increasingly mobile. Anyone with access to the RAM back end system and a mobile device can Track500s and take part in the auditing tasks!

Once downloaded to the user’s mobile device, Track5000s can easily access the secure asset register without the need for large ruggedized and expensive devices. The app requires an initial Internet connection for data retrieval; after that, Track500s will hold the data locally, enabling the functionality to be accessed with or without an Internet connection from any location. The protection of asset data and user data is ensured at all times.

The RAM smartphone app is available now on the App Store, Windows Marketplace, and the Google Play Store. Track5000s is free but must be used in conjunction with RAM’s asset management software. Download it here.