Track5000s: How to track assets with a smartphone or tablet

Apr 28 2015

Tracking fixed assets manually with a paper-based system is an arduous and time-consuming task fraught with errors and revisions. The cost to efficiency and the bottom line justifies an investment in a mobile asset tracking solution.

With Real Asset Management’s Asset Tracking Software (Track5000s), you can conduct a physical audit quickly by using a smartphone or tablet to scan any asset and upload the data right into the fixed asset register. With the touch of a button, you can update the register with critical asset information and flag items that require disposal, identify missing assets to be written off, locate items that were lost or transferred, and make note of general asset condition.

Organizations that have implemented Track5000s have improved the accuracy of their asset data as well as reduced their exposure to risk and maintained full compliance. Stakeholders enjoy peace of mind knowing that the correct amounts of taxes are paid and that assets are adequately insured.