Maintenance5000 checks all the boxes for Vantage Foods

Oct 06 2016

Canadian-based food processor and distributor, Vantage Foods, operates state-of-the-art food processing facilities servicing Canada and the United States.

The maintenance team at Vantage Foods had been using an off-the-shelf system that they had finally outgrown. Due to the fact that the system could no longer meet their needs and it was time to review alternate software, the entire maintenance management process came up for review. Shawn Stabley, Vantage Foods’ IT Manager who managed the search, worked with a long list of key requirements that the new CMMS had to meet. After a thorough evaluation of the systems on the market, Maintenance5000 was selected.

According to Stabley, “With the implementation of Maintenance5000, Vantage Foods’ entire maintenance process will be streamlined with new procedures that will enable our team to use the software to its fullest potential and enhance overall productivity.”

Vantage Foods’ CMMS requirements met by Maintenance5000:

Share information from multiple sites/locations

  • Maintain time zones for each of the plant sites.
  • Import/copy/view preventive maintenance (PM) tasks from other plants.
  • Visibility/availability of parts inventory at the other plants.
  • Visibility of equipment downtime associated with tasks on similar equipment at other plants.
  • Access via mobile devices.

Manage/track inventory parts & purchasing

  • Track parts ordering history.
  • Track parts cost history.
  • Unit of measure on inventory parts as well as on purchase order (PO) line items and conversion factor at the supplier level.
  • Valuation of historical cost with automated update. To avoid entry errors, system must not be reliant upon manual entry of PO price.
  • Consigned inventory - a field on parts that indicates it has no cost until it is used.
  • Part numbers link to multiple suppliers.
  • Barcode scanning of parts inventory.
  • PO vs. invoice discrepancies.
  • Min/max reorder point functionality on consumables.
  • Cycle count functionality – designate A, B, C assignment and frequency.
  • Generate POs and handle receipts of PO items.
  • Handles backordering of PO items not shipped and short shipped (fewer than order quantity).
  • Top ten equipment cost report.

PM work orders

  • Auto generate daily PM work orders based on task schedule frequency and previous preventive maintenance not completed.
  • Report on PM completion rates.
  • Ability to email work orders to technicians and supervisors.
  • Track labor & parts costs associated with specific equipment and mechanic’s time.
  • Report PM completion rates and backlog of work orders not done.

Production supervisor ability to create work orders from the shop floor

  • Search by login ID on work orders.

Downtime Report

  • Top ten equipment downtime report.
  • Reasons.
  • Broken down by maintenance/mechanical, production and sanitation.
  • Trended (DIN: Do It Now) vs. PM.

Supervisory Control and data Acquisition (SCADA)

  • Automated PLC interface with maintenance software for purpose of scheduling maintenance task.