West Dakota Water to tighten control of its asset base

Jul 17 2019

West Dakota Water pumps water for commercial purposes across more than 600 square miles of North Dakota. Its systems rely on a workforce of 100 personnel, nearly 1,000 individual hose links, and a fleet of 50 diesel pumps. Tracking its assets across such a broad geography is both challenging and incredibly dynamic.

Tommy Johnson, Business Manager at West Dakota Water comments, “Real Asset Management offered an app based asset tracking solution as nimble as our needs and at a price point that makes economic sense”. Johnson continues, “We required a better insight into which customer or site has which assets installed and where, plus the capability for staff in the field to be able to add assets via the mobile app, and RAM’s software ticked those boxes”.

Choosing to deploy a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to optimize efficiency and flexibility, the increased visibility and accountability provided by RAM’s software will reduce overspending on assets that are not required or that could be pulled from other sites. In addition, the improvements in reporting will deliver valuable time savings at month/year end.

Johnson concludes, “Capping it all off, of the candidate companies we evaluated, Real Asset Management was far and away the most responsive to our inquiries and our needs. With its help we’re excited to finally take control of nearly $15 million in high value assets!”