Whiteboard Wednesday Series by MRI Software

This Whiteboard Wednesday series was created by MRI Software and more videos can be found here. Real Asset Management (RAM), an MRI Software Company, is a leading supplier of fixed asset, maintenance, and facilities management software to both the public and private sectors and will be producing a number of informative videos in conjunction with MRI Software.


Whiteboard Wednesday - 51 - MRI and Fixed Asset Accounting

On today's Whiteboard Wednesday Jon Martin discusses the integration between MRI Software and our fixed asset accounting system, how to setup the system and how it stores the asset codes and the asset class.


Whiteboard Wednesday - 50 - MRI Fixed Assets and US Tax

On the 50th episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, Jon Martin explains how MRI Fixed Assets can be applied to US tax.


Whiteboard Wednesday - 48 - Asset Tracking Mobile App

On today's Whiteboard Wednesday Sachin explains the benefits of MRI Software's Asset Tracking App. The application works in real time via a wireless connection and allows users to view, update, and complete events remotely. Asset Tracking with MRI Software eases the auditing process considerably and can transform the audit into an ongoing occurrence, improving both the accuracy of the register and the use of equipment.


Whiteboard Wednesday - 47 - Fixed Assets Accounting Lifecycle

On today's Whiteboard Wednesday, Sachin explains the Fixed Assets Accounting lifecycle and the different ways that MRI Software can help to handle your fixed assets throughout their life.


Whiteboard Wednesday - 46 - Fixed Assets Lifecycle

On today's Whiteboard Wednesday, Sachin takes us through the Fixed Assets lifecycle, explaining the complete solution MRI Software offers. Whether it be accounting, tracking, or maintenance, MRI Software eliminates the need to move data across external system.